MPS008a – Avengers Birthday Party (R)

Posted by: JP on Jun 1, 2016

This episode originally aired on May 15, 2015.

Avengers Birthday Party!

I have been wanting to doing a superhero party for a while and with the new Avengers movie out, it was the perfect time! This party was so much fun, I love the bright colors, the kids (and adults) loved the games, masks, and capes, and I loved how the cake turned out! In this podcast I’ll cover how-to’s for the masks, capes, cake, comic popcorn cones, Hulk smash wall, Hawkeye bad guy target shoot, and lots of food and decorating ideas.

The Avengers Cake:

Avengers Birthday Party: Cake


I made a three-tiered cake with each tier representing one Avenger. Each tier was made of two layers, yellow cake and red velvet cake, Iron Man colors!

Bottom tier – Captain America: Blue buttercream frosting with the shield made of red, white, and blue fondant.

Middle tier – Iron Man: Red buttercream frosting with a ring of yellow fondant around a battery powered LED light. I cut a hole in the cake so the LED light would fit snugly inside and be flush to the front of the cake. Because the light is a push on/off, I could keep it off until party time then turn it on just before guests arrived.

Top tier – Hulk/Thor: Green buttercream frosting with black fondant for the hair to represent the Hulk. Coming out of the top is a Thor hammer toy that is resting in the top of the Hulk layer. I dug out a small portion from the top for the hammer to sit, but I also used a skewer through the top layer and the hammer to secure the hammer to the cake.


Tablescape and Food:

Avengers Birthday Party: Tablescape

Avengers Birthday Party: Food


  • Table backdrop of cityscape:
    • I bought a blue corrugated tri-fold display board from the local craft store then used black poster paint to paint the buildings. Once dry, I used Mod Podge to glue on yellow card stock squares for the windows.
  • Blue and red linens
  • Red, yellow, and blue plates and platters
  • Mason jars with tissue paper color pops:
    • I wanted to add a few more pops of color to the table and originally planned on doing towers of gumballs or candy, but that was going to get expensive, so I came up with another idea…
    • I took mason jars and filled each jar with one piece of tissue paper then used a second piece of paper to flare out of the top. I did five jars using the tissue paper that was left over from the pom pom project (red, blue, purple, yellow, black).
  • Pom poms hanging from ceiling in Avenger colors:
    • Take 8-20 square pieces of tissue paper (the more you use, the fuller the pom poms- I did 8 for this party but I prefer the look of a pom pom with at least 14)
    • Fold the all the sheets together accordion style (like making a fan)
    • Secure the middle with a twist tie, string, fishing line, etc. (I used a pipe cleaner then made a loop to connect the fishing line)
    • Trim the ends to either a point or rounded
    • Slowly and carefully pull one piece of tissue at a time away from the folds. Once you have done this with all the tissues, you have a pom pom!
    • The are light and easy to hang from almost anywhere!
    • I used the following color combinations for each Avenger:
      • Iron Man: red/yellow
      • Black Widow: red/black
      • Thor: red/black/yellow
      • Hulk: green/purple
      • Captain America: red/white/blue
      • Hawkeye: black/purple


  • Hulk pudding with Oreos
    • Vanilla pudding with green food coloring, crushed Oreos on top, face drawn in marker on outside of clear plastic cup
  • Comic book pages popcorn cones
    • I printed out single pages of old Avengers comics then rolled them into cone shape and secured with a small piece of tape.
    • For the base, I used a cardboard box with holes cut out of the top layer. I wrapped the box in red wrapping paper, then punched the cones through the paper and the hole.
    • Fill with popcorn and you’re done!
  • Captain America fruit and marshmallow shield
  • Cheese and pretzel Thor hammers
  • Chicken Shawarma with yogurt sauce
  • Burgers and dogs
  • Cole slaw
  • Dill potato salad
  • Avengers cake and ice cream


Hero Capes:

Avengers Birthday Party: Capes

These capes were so simple! No sewing involved (very good news for me)! Just cut out felt into the shape of the cape (use this template) then make each emblem out of felt and glue it on! I used Velcro for the front closure, but you could use ribbon ties, snaps or sew on elastic. One of my favorite parts of the party was watching the girls running up and down the hallway in their capes and masks “flying”.


For the kiddos:

Avengers Birthday Party: Masks, Gliders, Bubbles, Coloring Pages

I wanted to have activities and toys available for the kiddos, so I picked up some gliders and bubbles from the dollar bin and printed out Avengers coloring pages. One of my biggest frustrations…where’s Black Widow??? In most of the products I found in the stores and online, it was just the male superheros. So to make sure the “girl” superhero would be represented as well, I found Black Widow specific coloring pages and made a Black Widow cape.

The masks I made from craft foam and elastic. No gluing or sewing needed, just cut out the mask shape, tie the elastic and done!


Hulk Smash Wall:

Avengers Birthday Party: Hulk Smash Wall

I collected many different sizes of boxes and painted them red with cheap poster paint found at craft stores. Once dry, I used black paint to paint on the brick shape detail.

Pile them up like a brick wall and give the kids some Hulk gloves and watch them SMASH! They make a pretty cool fort too.

Check out my Hulk Smash wall inspiration here!


Hawkeye Bad Guy Shoot:

Avengers Birthday Party: Hawkeye Bad Guy Target Shoot

For the targets I printed out a few popular Avengers villains, attached them to foam core board, and attached them to our shed with painter’s tape. This provided a safe backdrop for the “arrows”.


Other ideas:

Avengers Birthday Party: Recycle bin and napkin wraps

We wanted to consolidate the recyclables, so we just covered a box with a Captain America sign saying “Captain American Wants You to Recycle!”. For the plasticware, I wrapped each set in a napkin then wrapped that in a printed paper band with all the signs of the Avengers.

There are many more great Avengers party ideas out there, I found most of my inspirations on Pinterest and Catch My Party.

If you are inspired to do your own superhero or Avengers party, remember that this isn’t just for boys, the girls love superheros too! Don’t forget to represent the female heroes in your decorations and toys and have fun planning your Avengers Party!

Avengers Birthday Party: Avengers cake and comic book popcorn cones