MPS001 – Dinosaur Party

Posted by: JP on Feb 1, 2015

Dinosaur Party

Podcast Notes:

I recently threw a dinosaur themed baby shower for a friend and carried the theme from invitations to tablescape and cake to favors. This podcast discusses everything I did for the party plus a few additional ideas I found online.

Dinosaur Party Decorations


Choose a color scheme for the party. This was going to be a boy’s baby shower so I chose green, blue, and brown. But if I was doing a child’s birthday party I’d do bright colors with oranges, yellows, greens and blues.







  • I created dinosaur egg invitations and mailed them out individually in a “nest” box. The invitation was a long narrow paper, rolled up and placed inside of a green plastic egg (like the kind you use on Easter).
  • I used a paint pen to decorate with egg with a few spots, then placed the egg in a small kraft box filled with brown paper shred.
  • I stamped a few footprints on the outside of the box and tied it with green raffia.
  • I then either delivered each box or put it in a mailing box and sent it. It’s not the most economical way to send invitations, but they were a lot of fun to make.
  • For large group invitations, where you are inviting a classroom or an office, you can create a nest with many invitation eggs inside instead of the individual boxes. That’s what I did for her coworkers who all shared the same common area in the office.

Cake, cupcakes, and favors:


  • Dinosaur cake:
    •  I used a dome cake pan to make the cake.
    • Placed it flat side down and covered with fondant.
    • I made feet and the tail from fondant.
    • For the neck, I wrapped a skewer in fondant and stuck that into the cake.
    • The head was formed from fondant and I used two candy eyes.
    • The spots on the back were cut from a sugar sheet.
  • Cupcakes:
    • I used an open star decorating tip to make a round “nest” of frosting on the top.
    • Inside the nest I put Jordan almonds to look like dino eggs.
  • Favors/Dino Cookies:
    • For the favors, I made dinosaur sugar cookies and frosted them in blue and green, using candy eyes.
    • I put two or three cookies in each clear treat bag and tied it with the green raffia.
  • Cake table:
    • I started with a light green linen with a vase of sunflowers (the mom’s favorite flower) in the center.
    • I placed the cake and cupcakes on raised stands then layed out the favor bags on the table.


Dinosaur Party Table Scape

  • For the food table, I started with a brown table linen with two smaller light green linens on top.
  • I made a silly volcano centerpiece background for two stuffed dinosaurs that I got for the mom-to-be. I also used some dinosaur toys around the table that I would also send home with my friend.
  • I rented silverware and plates, but I picked up blue paper napkins (paper plates and plastic ware in the same blue would have looked great too)
  • The food was not theme specific, it was primarily small snack size so it was easy to eat while standing and talking.


Cranberry, sweet cream cheese, hazelnut phyllo cups.

Cranberry, sweet cream cheese, hazelnut phyllo cups.

Caprese skewers.

Caprese skewers.

Party Appetizer

Goat cheese, fig jam, prosciutto, and basil crostini.

Party snacks.

Spinach, artichoke cups and cream cheese, jalapeno spirals.

Carrots and celery with ranch dressing.

Carrots and celery with ranch dressing.

Party dessert berries and sweet cream

Strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry cups with sweet cream sauce.

Other Decorations:

Tissue Paper Pom Decorations

I made a number of large tissue paper poms in light green and light blue that I hung from the ceiling in the living and dining room.

Other Fun Ideas for a Dinosaur Birthday Party:

DIY Dinosaur Masks

Photo Source:

DIY Dinosaur Feet

Photo Source:

  • Dinosaur party hats (add paper spiny ridge down a cone shaped party hat)
  • Use craft foam to create dinosaur feet
  • Use craft foam to make dinosaur masks (make them ahead of time or set up a table for the kids to make their own mask at the party)
  • Dino Dig (hide “bones” in a sandbox and have them search)
    • You can mark one as the winner and the child who finds it wins a prize
  • RAWR contest! Prizes for the loudest, scariest, or cutest dinosaur roar.

Thank you notes:

  • Don’t forget thank you notes! If you can, print some up that match the theme, and thank everyone for coming and for their gift. A little thank you goes a long way.
  • For more dinosaur ideas check out my Pinterest board and have fun planning your Dinosaur party!