MPS014 – 9 Fun Summer Activities (to do before Back to School)

Posted by: JP on Aug 15, 2015

9 Fun Summer Activities |

Summer isn’t over yet! Most kids have a few more weeks of summer before heading back to school, so here are 9 Fun Summer Activities to sneak in before September!

1. Go jump in a lake!


Fun Summer Activities |

Outlet Beach, Sabbathday Lake, Maine

Or canoe or kayak or water ski or paddle board, but get out there an enjoy the warm water, sunshine and beauty of nature! Have access to a water slide or swim raft? Even better!


2. Nature Scavenger Hunt


Fun Summer Activities |

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for the area you live in or are visiting. Participate with your kids and see how many fun things you can discover that you otherwise might have just walked right past. Above is an example if you are in the woods or near a lake, but if you live near the beach, look for things like a shell, seaweed, feather, sea glass, hermit crab, driftwood, starfish, etc.


3. Water Balloon Toss Contest


Fun Summer Activities |

Water Balloon Toss

You know the game, start with groups of two people facing each other and one throws the water balloon to the other.  If the catch is successful, both take a step back and toss again.  The pair who lasts the longest without breaking the balloon wins!

Of course, you can always just have an all out water balloon fight, which is usually what happens as soon as the water balloons are presented.  I may or may not have ambushed my husband after I took these pictures … OK, I totally did.


4. Cornhole (the worst game name ever)


Fun Summer Activities |

Cornhole game board

This bean bag toss game has two wooden boards with a hole in the center top set about 30 feet apart. Two teams of two compete by trying to toss the bean bag into the hole (3 points for in the hole, 1 point for on the board).  It’s a fun game for all ages, just ignore the truly horrible name.


5. Frisbee Golf


Fun Summer Activities |

Frisbee Golf


Fun Summer Activities |

Frisbee Golf Score Sheet

Create a Frisbee “Golf” course by placing markers (hole numbers) on the target for each hole.  You can use a tree (no hurting the tree please), place a dowel in ground, a chair, a rock, anything.  Make the course as hard or as easy as you like.  Give each hole a starting point and record the number of throws it takes each player to hit the target for that hole.


6. Fun with Sidewalk Chalk


Fun Summer Activities |

Bucket o’ chalk


Fun Summer Activities |

Bean bag toss (or rock or shell) target made with sidewalk chalk.


A bucket of sidewalk chalk can provide hours of entertainment! Make a target for a bean bag toss game, play hopscotch, draw pictures, outline feet and hands, mark start and finish lines for races (hot wheels or skipping or walking upside-down and backwards), or just scribble and doodle away.  The only limit is your imagination!


7. Bocce Ball


Fun Summer Activities |

Bocce Ball

We love Bocce Ball for many reasons….it’s easy to learn, it’s easy to set up and put away, almost anyone can play, it’s portable and can go from the yard to the beach with very little effort, and it can get competitive!

The toughest game I ever played was when my grandparents (who were in their 80’s) challenged my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I to a game and they showed no mercy! They won every game!  My husband claims he would have done better if he wasn’t being attacked by fire ants, but that’s what happens when you don’t wear shoes in Texas! Rub some dirt on it, you’ll be fine.


8. Glow in the Dark Bowling


9 Fun Summer Activites |

Glow in the Dark Bowling

This is so easy and inexpensive to make and it’s pretty cook looking! Just get six empty plastic bottles (I used clear two liters), fill with a few glow sticks of the same color, then fill with water and seal tightly.  Line them up like bowling pins (outside please) and use a rubber ball as the bowling ball! Fun and easy!

TIP: Use the right amount of water for the size/weight ball you are using.  If you are trying to knock over a full 2 liter with a very light ball, it will be very difficult. Try a little water, test it out and add more if necessary.


 9. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss


9 Fun Summer Activities |

Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

This is also an inexpensive and easy game to make.  Just stick a dowel in the grass and leave an appropriate height sticking out (we kept ours tall for adult size, but for kids maybe only a foot or so). Once it’s dark, activate a few glow necklaces and wrap around the dowel to make it easy to see (I used clear tape to secure the glow necklaces to the top and bottom). Make rings out of glow necklaces and try to toss them onto the dowel from about 10 feet away. It’s harder than it looks!


Enjoy those last few precious days of summer and have fun!

9 Fun Summer Activities |