MPS006 – Game of Thrones Party

Posted by: JP on Apr 15, 2015

Game of Thrones Viewing Party

Game of Thrones! The drama, the secrets, the lies, the betrayal, and the loss of so many favorite characters! I threw a Game of Thrones Season Premiere Viewing Party, but you can do this for any episode and it would be perfect for the season finale! In this podcast I talk about decorations, food and tablescape, making a cake in the shape of Winterfell, and a chest with Daenerys’ Dragon Eggs.

There are no spoilers in this post other than some food names that reference people/events in the show, but no major plot lines are exposed.



Game of Thrones Viewing Party

  • Design invite:
    • Design and print invitations on parchment paper
    • The raven on my invitation is actually a cut out
    • Glue the invitation to a black backing (the black will show through the cut out)
  • Wax seal:
    • Use wax and stamp to seal the envelope


 Sigil Banner:

  • Print out House Sigils (I did eight, but you can find many more online)
  • Tape sigils to a string (fishing line or a red ribbon would look great in place of string) and hang from a window, archway, over table, etc.

Game of Thrones Party: Dragon mobile, House Sigil Banner, and Centerpiece


 Hanging light:

  • I wrapped a Tuscan-style (grapes and vines with leaves) garland around the base of our hanging lamp (check for fire hazards first).  Keep an eye out for sales at your local craft store, I found this 40% off and used a coupon for another 20%, so it was very affordable.
  • Hang three long, red ribbon tails from the garland.
  • Dragon Mobile: I found three free clip art images online and used them as a template to cut the dragons out of card stock.  I used fishing line to hang the dragons at different heights from the light.


 Dragon’s Egg Chest:

Game of Thrones Party: Dragon's Egg Chest

  • I used a chest we already had as the egg chest.  I took out the books we usually keep inside and filled it with some burlap I used in my Autumn parties.
  • I put candles in front of the chest (instead of inside). I didn’t use candle holders because I wasn’t concerned about getting melted wax on the table cover I used…but make sure you use a holder or plate if you don’t want to ruin your table or cover.
  • Dragon’s Eggs
    • Blow up three balloons to the size you want each egg
    • Cut up strips of construction paper in the color of the egg and Mod Podge it to the balloon
    • Cut scales from construction paper in the color of each egg and Mod Podge to the balloon in a repeating circular pattern around the balloon moving from the top where it’s tied to the the base.
    • When completely dry, rub black or brown shoe polish over the egg and wipe off with a soft rag.  This will give it an aged look.
    • Pop the balloon near where it’s tied and the balloon will slowly deflate, but the egg shape will remain.

Special thanks to my husband for his help with the balloons in this project! I have an irrational fear of balloons so he blew up and popped them for me!


Cersei’s Wine Goblet:

Game of Thrones Party: Cersei's Wine Goblet

  • I found cheap, plastic, red wine glasses at Christmas Tree Shops, but you can use actual glass if you prefer
  • I used my glue gun with gold glitter glue sticks to make the pattern on the goblet and to glue on plastic “gems”



Game of Thrones Party: Food

Game of Thrones Party: Cheese, apples, figs, and dates


  • King Robert’s Boar (Baked Ham with Spicy Brown Sugar Glaze)
  • Joffrey’s Pigeon Pie (Chicken Pot Pie)
  • Theon’s Favorite Toy (kielbasa)
  • Sandor’s Roast Chicken
  • Dothraki Horse Jerky (beef jerky)
  • Molten Golden Crown Fondue (Beer Cheese Fondue)
  • Little Fingers Breadsticks (I just used Pillsbury)
  • Mustard Seed Olives (from Whole Foods)
  • Fruit Tower:
    • Grapes
    • Pears
    • Mango
    • Papaya
    • Lemons
    • Apples
    • Avocado
    • Plums
  • Cheese Tray:
    • Wedge of Bleu, Cahill Irish Porter Cheddar, Cranberry Wensleydale
    • Grapes
    • Apple slices
    • Figs
    • Dates
  • Bread and salt (Guest Right*)
  • Red Wine
  • Daenerys’ Horse Heart (Jell-O shot in heart mold)

Additional Food Suggestions:


Winterfell Cake:

Game of Thrones Party: Winterfell Cake How-To

Game of Thrones Party: Winterfell Cake

  • I started with three white sheet cakes and cut them into the pieces I would need to build the castle and walls
  • I spread a thin layer of white frosting in a large cookie sheet, then used a skewer to draw out the pattern of the castle and where each piece of cake was going to go
  • By stacking cake pieces, with frosting between, I made the towers
  • To make the stone pattern, I pressed fondant into a Wilton Silicone Texture Mat , then attached the fondant to the cake pieces
  • I used edible black dust to give the walls and towers a dirty gray color
  • The Godswood tree is made of white fondant, red sugar sheet leaves, and red gel icing
  • I used toothpicks (Godswood tree) and skewers (towers) for extra support
  • Once it was all put together, I covered it with a thick layer of white sugar sprinkles to look like snow



Game of Thrones Party: Buffet Table

Game of Thrones Party: Food and Decorations

  • Tablescape:
    • I used red velvet curtains (that we usually use for Halloween decorations) in a draped, scrunched pattern over a brown tablecloth
    • Wooden boxes formed the shelf on the back of the table, covered with the red drapes
    • I laid out the plates, platters, fruit tower, candles, and centerpiece before adding the food to plan out where everything was going to go
    • I used plates and platters in wood and rich gold, silver, and red colors
    • as an added bonus, the heat from the two tapers in the center of the table, caused the dragons hanging above to “fly” around a bit!
    • I cut out tent cards from brown card stock and wrote the names of each dish with a silver paint pen (gold would look great too)
  • The centerpiece:
    • Large vase (I used champagne bucket) filled with wet floral foam.
    • Variety of flowers and leaves in deep rich colors
    • Placed artichokes, lemons, clementines, and pears along the base of the arrangement (using floral picks)

Game of Thrones Party

Now you’re ready for the show!  Raise your wine goblet and here’s hoping your favorite character makes it through the episode!


Podcast correction:

* Guest Right: I referred to the consumption of bread and salt as a sign of friendship in the podcast, but that’s not exactly true.  The sharing of bread and salt under the roof of one’s host is a Westerosi tradition which means that no harm will come to the host or the guests during their stay.