MPS023 – Super Bowl Party / Football Party

Posted by: JP on Jan 1, 2016

Super Bowl Party |

Playoff and Super Bowl season is here!  I’ve got some ideas to help set your party apart from the average Super Bowl Party and do it all on a budget!  You could even say you would be the MVP of football parties! Yeah, I went there.

Super Bowl Party |

Room Set Up:

  • TV and Seating
    • Remember, the reason the guests are there is to watch the game! Make sure you have plenty of places to sit with a view of the TV.  If you need to rearrange the room to fit more people, do it! If you have multiple TV’s and viewing rooms, make sure they are all playing the game. That way when people move from the living room to the kitchen to the den, they don’t miss a moment of the action!
  • Food Stations:
    • Have multiple food stations so people don’t bottleneck in one area.  Perhaps have some chips, dips, and nuts on the coffee table near the TV, but have the warm and messy food on the dining room table buffet style.
  • Drink Station:
    • Set up the drinks in a separate area from the food to avoid crowding.


Table Set Up:

Super Bowl Party |

Create a “football field” using butcher paper / sign paper (found at craft stores).

  • Either cover the entire table or cover part of the table (I layered the green over a brown tablecloth) with green butcher paper.
  • Use masking tape to create the yard lines.
  • Use white paint pen to number the field yard lines.

Super Bowl Party |

Create a “chalkboard” as your backdrop.

  • Purchase a black presentation board (tri-fold display board) from your local craft store.
  • Use a white paint pen to write on board.
    • Draw football plays.
    • Sayings particular to your team i.e. “Do your job!” for the New England Patriots or “12th Man” for the Seattle Seahawks.
    • Add as much (or as little) smack talk as you like.

Super Bowl Party |

Put yellow napkins in a bucket and label them “penalty flags”.


The Food and Prep:

I was able to provide a fairly large amount of food for a reasonable amount of money and put it together in very little time.  I made the cake, nuts, jelly squares and prepped the olive cheddar puffs the day before.  I also prepped the table, “chalkboard” and penalty flag sign ahead of time. The two crock pot dishes practically made themselves which gave me the extra time I needed to make the dip and skewer the tots on game day.


Football Field Dip and Snack Stadium:

Super Bowl Party |

  • Start with a cookie sheet and a casserole dish a few inches smaller than the cookie sheet on all sides.
  • Fill the casserole dish with guacamole in the middle and either cheese dip or salsa on the ends.
    • NOTE: start with the thickest first (I started with the guac) so it will hold it’s shape when you add the runnier ingredients.  Also make sure you add enough for your carrots to stand up, my layer was too shallow and some of my little players fell over.
  • Using a zip close bag with the corner cut out (or piping bag), pipe sour cream onto the guac “field” for the yard lines.
  • Place casserole in center of cookie sheet and add snacks around the border.  I did veggies and cheese cubes.  Chips were also on the table.
  • Put black and green olive “helmets” on baby carrots and stand them up in the guacamole to represent football players.


Team Color Jelly Shot Squares:


  • For all layers, use the finger gelatin recipe (on the box) so it will keep it’s shape when cut.
  • If making the alcoholic version, substitute one cup of vodka instead of water.
  • Lightly oil a square casserole dish.
  • Prepare the first color of gelatin and pour into dish.  Let set in fridge.
  • Once completely set, add the second color layer and put in fridge to set.
  • Add third color layer and let set in fridge.
    • NOTE: for white, use clear gelatin and substitute half the water for sweetened condensed milk.
  • Once set, flip upside down on cutting board to release, then cut into squares.
  • When ready to serve, top with whipped cream and skittles.
    • NOTE: the whipped cream won’t hold it’s shape for long once it’s room temperature, so wait until the last minute.


Tot Kabobs:


Tots on a stick covered in cheese and bacon? Oh yeah.

  • Bake the tots according to package instructions and let cool.
  • Skewer the tots (I did six per skewer) and put on a cookie sheet.
  • Sprinkle with shredded cheese and bake at 350 until cheese is melted.
  • Remove and sprinkle with cooked then crumbled bacon and diced chives.
  • Serve warm.
  • Serve with sour cream for dipping.
    • NOTE: when you move the skewers to the platter, make sure they are separated, so when one is picked up the whole tray doesn’t come along with it.


Olive Cheddar Puffs:

Super Bowl Party |

This has potential and I like these flavors together, but I would change a few things when I make them next time.  I used large green martini olives with the pimento pulled out of the center, but next time I would:

  • Use smaller olives
  • Make sure they were completely dry (no liquid) before making
  • Stuff the olive with a little cheddar cheese
  • Use a sharp cheddar instead of a mild cheddar

This is a great recipe to make ahead and freeze until you are ready to cook and they puff up to a lovely color.

Cheddar-Crusted Olives original recipe here.


Ina Garten’s Chipotle & Rosemary Spiced Nuts:


These are delicious! They have a little spice, but not too much, and so much flavor! I made these for a few events this year and everyone raved! These are perfect to have on the coffee table during a football game!

Ina Garten’s Chipotle & Rosemary Spiced Nuts recipe here.


Football Cake:

Super Bowl Party |

Super Bowl Party |

This is so easy and so cute!

  • Bake any flavor cake you like in a large round cake pan.
  • To make the football shape, cut a 2″ strip out of the center from one edge to the other through the middle. Push the two sides together and secure with frosting.
  • Cover with brown frosting and pipe white icing on top for the laces.
  • Done!


Super Easy BBQ Hot Dog Bites:

Super Bowl Party |

You can keep these warm and in the crock pot for the whole game (while they last).

  • Cut hot dogs into once inch segments and dump into a crock pot.
  • Cover with your favorite BBQ sauce.
  • Warm on high until heated through then let sit on low, stirring occasionally.
  • Use serving spoon to plate then eat with fork or toothpicks.


Easy Peasy Bean Dip:

Super Bowl Party |

I always get compliments on this bean dip and I feel guilty for taking credit, it’s the easiest thing in the world!

  • Dump two cans of chili into a crock pot.
  • Dump two blocks of cream cheese (8 oz each) into a crock pot.
  • Warm on low, stirring occasionally, until melted and mixed.
  • That’s it!
  • Serve with tortilla chips.


Other Super Bowl Party Ideas:

  • Food:
    • Cheese ball shaped like a football with nut crust and cheese laces.
    • Brown paper cones with white laces for popcorn.
    • Chili bar. Don’t want to make a lot of different dishes? Do a large crock pot of chili and offer fixin’s like onions, cheese, sour cream, etc.  Don’t forget a side of cornbread!
  • Drink:
    • Use a large water cooler for your drink of the day.  Mix up a batch of sangria or a drink in your team color and serve it on the “hydration” table.
    • Serving bottles or cans? Save team coozies ready to go!
  • Decorations:
    • Balloons! Have balloon bouquets in team colors around the party.  If the Patriots are playing the Seahawks, have red, white, and blue balloons in one corner and green, blue, and white in another. They will add height and add a huge pop of color.
    • Use every opportunity to display team colors: plasticware, plates, cups, toothpicks, straws, platters, bowls, etc.
    • Have a “spirit” table where guests can adorn themselves in appropriate team accessories.  You can have eye black stickers, light up team necklaces, silly hats or glasses, stickers, even face paint (make sure you also supply a mirror)!


Happy Super Bowl planning and remember…It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as you look good doing it. 😉


Super Bowl Party |