MPS030 – Coastal Wreath and Candle Holders

Posted by: JP on Apr 15, 2016

Coastal Wreath and Candle Holders | MyPaintingShirt.comWith the beginning of Spring I have the sea coast on my mind, so I decided to make a coastal-themed wreath for my door and a few coastal-themed candle holders for the table. Both projects are quick and easy and can be made with materials from the craft store.  No need to live near the water for this one!


MPS029 – Totally Awesome 80’s Party

Posted by: JP on Apr 1, 2016


Totally Awesome 80's Party |

Who doesn’t love a good 80’s party!   I’m mean, the 80’s were like so totally awesome, ya know?! The music, the hair, the clothes, the shoulder pads, the movies, the horrendous home decor of sticks in a vase, black lacquer with pastels, and Nagel prints (wow, I just described my bedroom from 1986), and the ever present danger of nuclear war … good times.


Hollow Yarn Egg / Ball Video

Posted by: JP on Mar 10, 2016

MPS027 – Simple St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Posted by: JP on Mar 1, 2016

Simple St. Patrick's Day Ideas |

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be all about leprechauns and green beer.  I’m all about a good party, but getting vomited on by a stranger on the street at 3:00 in the afternoon is not my idea of a good time.

Instead, I decided to do a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner at home with a few green and gold touches and a shamrock or two.


DIY Felt Voodoo Doll Video

Posted by: JP on Feb 11, 2016


DIY Glass Bead Votive Candle Video

Posted by: JP on Jan 23, 2016


  • Vase Filler Glass Beads
  • Votive Candle Holder
  • Glue Gun


MPS020 – Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Posted by: JP on Nov 15, 2015

Christmas Ornaments & Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas |

‘Tis the season to trim the tree and wrap the presents! This is the time of year when I seem to have a permanent light coating of glitter on me at all times…unintentionally. It just gets everywhere! This year I’m just going to tell people I wear glitter because “I’m fancy”. Of course that won’t explain my ink stained fingers and glue in my hair…ah, the holidays.


MPS009 – DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Posted by: JP on Jun 1, 2015

DIY Father's Day Gifts

Today’s post is all about Dad! I have DIY gift ideas to share, fun ways to wrap Dad’s gift, ideas on how to make Dad’s day special, and more!


MPS007 – DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Posted by: JP on May 1, 2015

DIY Mother's Day Gifts! Lavender Bath Fizzies, Lavender Soy Candle, Shea Butter Soap (lavender and ginger/orange), Tile Coasters, Butterfly Mug, Candle Holder

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year I wanted to try out six crafts I found on Pinterest that looked like they would make great gifts. I made all six in two days, so they aren’t hugely time consuming and they still give that personal touch. The best part is, you can make each of these fairly cheaply and keep to your budget!