MPS018 – Extreme Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

Posted by: JP on Oct 15, 2015

Extreme Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

It has been said that sometimes I get a little out of control when it comes to pumpkin decorating…perhaps that is a little true.  Pumpkin decorating combines two of my favorite things, Halloween and creating a 3D decoration (centerpiece, prop, display, etc.), and when I have a clear vision of what I want to do, there’s no stopping me until I make it a reality!


Bonus: Decorate for Halloween in a Day!

Posted by: JP on Oct 11, 2015

Decorate for Halloween in a Day


Who’s got the time to spend days decorating the yard for Halloween? You want a big effect, but don’t want to spend a ton of time doing it.  Well, I’ve got some quick ideas that have a big impact!


MPS017 – DIY Halloween Costumes

Posted by: JP on Oct 1, 2015

DIY Halloween Costumes: Rocket Raccoon and Groot |

Welcome to Part 3 of my 4 Part Series on Halloween!  Today is all about DIY Halloween Costumes!  I’ll take you step by step through our Rocket Raccoon and Groot costumes from “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but at the end I’ll also go over some ideas for easy and last minute costumes.


MPS016 – 13 Halloween Party Ideas

Posted by: JP on Sep 15, 2015

13 Halloween Party Ideas

Are you planning a Halloween Party this year? Here are 13 ideas to help you decorate your dining room (with many general decorating ideas) and present an elaborate Halloween buffet.


MPS015 – Halloween Prop: DIY Smoking Cauldron with Glowing Coals

Posted by: JP on Sep 1, 2015

Halloween Prop: DIY Smoking Cauldron with Glowing Coals

It’s Fall and that means it’s time for all things Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love coming up with new props and projects each year.  This post “DIY Smoking Cauldron with Glowing Coals” is part one of a four part Halloween-themed series.  The next three posts will include DIY Costumes, Extreme Pumpkin Decorating, and Halloween Party Buffet and Decoration Ideas.